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Small Tests — Teaser

Small tests prevent big risks. This teaser features Sid Sijbrandij founder of GitLab, Matthew Bellows founder of Yesware, Davis Siksnans founder of Printful, John O’Nolan founder of Ghost, and Dave Nevogt founder of Hubstaff. (Visited 35 times, 1 visits today)
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Meet the Founders

John O'Nolan

Co-founder and CEO of Ghost, which raised over $300,000 on Kickstarter to become an industry-leading open source blogging platform, remaining bootstrapped and profitable to this day. John's team is remote, and he's currently based out of Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Find out why John thinks traction is a lot like true love on Founder Thunder Round.

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Meet Edgar
Laura Roeder

Founder of MeetEdgar, an entirely bootstrapped business that hit $1m in ARR in less than a year. Laura launched the business after running a successful social media consultancy for years, but recognized a bigger opportunity ahead.

Find out why Laura risked it all in turning from her successful business to creating MeetEdgar on Founder Thunder Round.

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Wade Foster

Co-founder and CEO of Zapier — a Y Combinator alum from the Summer 2012 batch that has since raised over $1m. Zapier allows you to connect your apps and automate tasks, and it accumulated over half of a million users in its first few years.

Find out why Wade would be even more aggressive with Zapier if we had to do it again on Founder Thunder Round.

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Sid Sijbrandij

Co-founder and CEO of GitLab, a Y Combinator alum from the Winter 2015 batch that has since raised over $20m. GitLab is bringing ingenious new workflows to how software is developed among teams.

Find out how GitLab grew from a passion project into a 130-person company in just a few years on Founder Thunder Round.

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Matthieu Vaxelaire

Founder & CEO of Mention. With half of a million in seed funding, Mention already has over 250,000 users including GitHub, Intercom, MIT, and Microsoft.

Learn more about Matthieu and Mention on Founder Thunder Round.

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Peldi Guilizzoni

Founder and CEO of Balsamiq, a web-based mockup tool that made $10,000 in its first six weeks — immediately putting Peldi at the helm of a profitable and quickly growing company. Running as a remote team, Peldi is based out of Bologna, Italy.

Find out about how Peldi accidentally stumbled onto two genius marketing moves before they became big buzzwords on Founder Thunder Round.

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Davis Siksnans

Co-founder and CEO of Printful, a custom products fulfillment company that grew out of Startup Vitamins, the popular shop selling products with startup quotes found in the offices of Google, Nike, and Twitter.

Find out how Davis launched Printful with just a signup form on Founder Thunder Round.

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Ben Congleton

Co-founder and CEO of Olark, a YCombinator alum from the Summer 2009 batch with over 10,000 users, Olark popularized the chat window in the bottom-right corner of many websites.

Find out how Ben bootstrapped Olark in Elon Musk's former house in Palo Alto with his co-founders on Founder Thunder Round.

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Dave Nevogt

Co-founder of Hubstaff, a fully bootstrapped company over $131k in MRR that has allowed Dave to live the life he wants. This isn't Dave's first at-bat, so he's got a lot of expertise for you to draw on.

Find out why Dave would recommend starting a product as free, then abandoning free quickly on Founder Thunder Round.

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Matthew Bellows

Founder and CEO of Yesware, which serves more than 750,000 salespeople at companies like Acquia, Adroll, Groupon, Salesforce, Twilio, Yelp and Zendesk. Having started a number of companies that have since been acquired, Matthew knows his stuff, and has plenty to share on Founder Thunder Round.

Find out what Matthew did after agonizing over pricing for a year on Founder Thunder Round.

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Host: Alex Obenauer

Founder and CEO of Mindsense, a fully bootstrapped company that launched with a Kickstarter campaign for Mail Pilot that raised over $50k, and went on to become the #1 paid app in the entire Mac App Store. Since, Alex's newest product, Throttle, joined the elite 1,000 club on Product Hunt.

On Founder Thunder Round, Alex is asking questions for you, and sharing what can be learned from these different, experienced perspectives.

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